Here you can rent a motorcycle for your driving test!

It is possible to book at our headquarters the rental of motorcycles to take the exam at the headquarters of the Civil Motorization of Bologna.


A2 Automatic

A2 Automatic

A3 Manual


125 cc.

72 €

400 cc.

72 €


850 cc. 

96 €

Booking procedure:

In order to drive our vehicles, it is required a 300 € security deposit. The balance is due upon delivery of the motorcycle. The fee includes:

Delivery and withdrawal of the vehicle c/o Civil Motorization

Possibility to test the vehicle before the exam: delivery takes place half an hour before the time scheduled for the exam


Authorization to use the vehicle to attend the exam

22% VAT - fuel - helmet - body protection

Possible copy of the registration certificate for exam booking, which is delivered after payment of the deposit (alternatively, it is possible to present a self-declaration on modules distributed at the

M.C: T: C of Bologna, indicating the technical characteristics of the motorcycle).