General rent conditions

Astronolo grants its vehicles to the Customer according to the following general rental conditions which are an integral part of the rental agreement. 



In order to drive one of our vehicles the driver must possess the proper driving license for the rented vehicle and must be 21 years old at least. The Client must bring his own helmet and dress appropriately for driving a two-wheeled vehicle. The security deposit has to be paid exclusively with a credit card. 


Vehicles are consigned by rent stations communicate to renter at the moment of reservation and, when not reported on rental agreement must be returned in the same place. Renter acknown-ledges that the vehicle is in same conditions and without apparent defects and that he will return it with all documents and accessories and in same conditions to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO on the date and time signed on the Rental Agreement. PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO reserves the right to terminate the agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time at Renter's expenses if vehicle is used in breach of Art.5 below, and in case of not payment of any previous invoice. Any covering deposit will be returned within a period of thirty days of the return of the vehicle and is subject to the compensation to the company for any debts incurred by the Client. It is expressly forbidden to return the vehicle outside the office hours of the agency assigned for reconsignment.


During the rental if there is a loss of the vehicle or damage of any kind, including theft, the Client will be liable to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO for the amount corresponding to the loss, damages and any additional expenses incurred except as follows:


a) The responsibility of the Client for damages caused by him or otherwise is limited to the guarantee deposit 

     amount as foreseen by the current tariffs; the amount for damages to tires, wheels, rear mirrors, directions 

     indicator, windshield, cases and respective amounting is in any case charged to the renter.  


b) Client's responsibility for the theft of the vehicle is limited up to the guarantee deposit amount as foreseen by

    the current tariffs and this exoneration is on conditions that the vehicle's and anti theft device keys device are 

    returned to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO and the observation of conditions at point 5 of these rental conditions.




The client will pay reimburse to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO at the moment of request by PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO, the amount:

a) Of the time and kilometers charges calculated according to the tariffs indicated in the letter of hire or to the 

    current tariffs. The minimum charges is equivalent to 12 hours hire and any fraction of a day or more than the 

    first 45 minutes will bring about a charge equivalent to a further 24 hours hire. Violating the first paragraph of 

    article 1, should yhe vehicle had been reconsigned after the closure of the agency deemed for reconsignment, 

    the time charge will be calculated as if the vehicle had been reconsigned on the date of the re.opening of that 



b) Of the charges of exoneration from TP supplement, from the eventual exoneration from CDW supplement as 

    indicated in the current tariffs, is foreseen;

c) Of any charges due to failure to meet the terms listed in Article 2 above;

d) Of the charges for fuel consumption and, whenever the vehicle is returned with less than at least the amount of 

    fuel it held on consignment, of the operative costs of refuelling carried out by PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO;

e) of the charge of non-reconsignment of the vehicle to the agency of consignment; the charge will be equivalentto 

    the tariff current at the moment of the signing of the letter of hire;

f)  any taxes on the rental or the amount charged by PARCHEGGIO POLICLINCO as reimbursement for them;

g) PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO costs, including interest charges corresponding to the official discount rate plus

    5% points calculated on a daily bases, legal frees and any other expenses incurred in collecting payments due

    from Renter;

h) Any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses, imposed on PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO as

    reimbursmentfot by law 

    arising from the use of the vehicle while on rental to Renter unless due to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO fault;

    but this shall not relieve. Renter or any other person of direct responsibility to any public body for his own      

    unlawful conduct. Renter agrees to accept the debit to his credit card account of any charges incurred;


In so far as permitted by law, PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by Renter or by third parties in connection with the operation of the vehicle, or loss or inconvenience resulting from delivery delays, breakdown or any other causes beyond PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO's control.




The Renter shall apply all due care in the custody and use of the vehicle, and he particular he must not allow the vehicle to be used:


a) to carry persons and/or things for hire;


b) to propel or towany vehicle, trailer or other object;


c) in any race, test or contest;


d) while Renter or driver of the vehicle is under influence of alchool,hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or any 

    other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react;


e) in contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulation;


f) driven by any person other than the person signing this rental agreement, unless such person has been

   previously designated and authorized by PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO in the space provided;

g) outside Italy without PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO authorization and any appropriate additional 


h) client must use all anti-theft device provided with the vehicle anytime the renter parks and leave the 

    vehicle, even in closed and surveilled areas. It is specifically forbidden to rehire the vehicle to third 




PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO provides insurance coverage for person using the vehicle with the permission of PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO (and not otherwise) in accordance with a motorbike liability insurance policy, with is available for inspection.


Every claim must be immediately referred to the relevant authorities and/or PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO within 24 hours. A from "Rapporto di sinistro" or accident report, attached to documents, must be completed in the moment of the accident and consigned to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO when the vehicle is returned.


In case of failures and/or damage the Renter must immediately inform PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO. The Renter has no claim to a refund unauthorized repairs carried out by third parties. In case of puncture or tyre damage the Renter must provide a new tyre. It's not admitted to reconsign the vehicle with repaired tyre. 


Whoever signs this agreement, either his name or on behalf of another person or entity shall be responsible both jointly and severally with his principal for the obligations to PARCHEGGIO POLICLINICO.​



The tribunal of Bologna has exclusive jurisdiction in case of dispute. The Italian version will prevail in case on conflict with translated text.